Day 3 – 4: Travel to and first day in Cinque Terra

Day 3 Travel to Cinque Terra.

Arrived at the Milan train station and got on the 1st class car to Monterosso.   6 seats in a glassed in compartment, three forward, three backward.   Nice ride, about 2 hours total to Monterosso.  Got off and discovered the hotel was about 800m away, after the tunnel, and up the hill.  Called a cab.   Hotel is very nice.  Spacious and new feeling.   Elevator to 2nd floor (3rd for us Americans).  Nice room with 2 french doors and balcony wrapping around outside with a couple chairs and a small table outside.  Tiled bathroom with stall shower.   Took the girl at the desks referral to Restaurant Pozzo.   Nan had a pesto pasta and I had a scampi with Langistino.  Good but not great.   Sat next to Jeff and Caroline Reth.  Turns out they are at our hotel, in the room below us.  Jeff is shooting a Canon 70d (like me) with the Tamaron 16-300m lens (like me) and uses a Samsung phone (like me) Caroline has an iphone (like nan)   They are from Carlsbad.  Chatted up with them throughout dinner.


Day 4 Cinque Terra Day 1

Lovely breakfast in the Hotel Margharita.   Marco, the GM, bakes cakes each day.   Had eggs and bacon and then a slice of his apple cake.   Saw Jeff & Caroline at breakfast.

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Suggested dinner later together.  Took the train over to Venazza around mid-day.  Walked the town and took some pictures.   Decided to train on to Cornglia.   Got off and walked up to the steps.  Turns out the town is on the cliff top and there are 365 steps up.  Nan was up for it, but I was not.   On the way back we spotted a shuttle bus but didn’t take it in to the town.  Were going to hike to Manarolo on the coast trial but it was closed.   Ended up back in Monterosso.    Met Jeff and Caroline and went to Osteria for dinner together.  Very nice meal, especially the minestrone soup with pesto, good pastas and great conversation.  Took a leisurely walk back to the hotel after.



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