Loro > Arezzo > Positano

Had breakfast at the hotel in Loro, Dimora Casa Eugenia.   Small but nice breakfast.  Custom fried eggs (3 Euro).  Checked out (100 Euro) and John and Caroline met us w/Murphy.   We loaded up the bags and set off for Arezzo.  On the way Caroline gave a running commentary and back stories.  We drop by the Feregamo proprety where they lived for a couple years before buying their house.  Got into Arezzo and parked near the train station.  Stopped for a pastry and coffee off on the way towards the town square.  Italy 2015-Day 10 Arezzo-10

Walked through the town and into the town center.    Caroline pointed out the area that has the monthly antique show.  (Next week, Whew! Dodged that bullet)    Went to a friend of theirs cafe and had a bit of lunch.  Nan had a soup and I had a wonderful lasagna.  We had a cheese board with a pecorino w/wine in it, a pecorino with a chestnut honey drizzled on top.   Walked back and they drove us up the street to the station.  Hugs and good byes all around.   We boarded the Regionale Veloce to Firenze.   50 minutes later we were in Firenze SM Novella.   Walked over the the Fressciaross high speed train and boarded for the trip to Naples.
20150401_142241  Nicely appointed train.  Comfy seats.   Luggage wasn’t too much trouble.   Busy.  Business Class car was about ½ full.  We both napped between Firenze and Roma, where the train stopped.  Then on to Napoli.   Driver from Amalfi Private Car Service met us at the station.    Got the luggage to the car (Mercedes sedan) and started the drive.  Took 25 minutes to go from the parking exit, around the square, back to the parking exit to connect to the highway.

Naples Station TrafficeLots of traffic (crazy) out of town.   Then the freeway ride past Pompei, into Sorrento the traffic got bad and finally the crazy drive down the hill in to Positano.   Stopped in the main square at the parking place.  Hotel sent a porter to help with the bags.   Down the hill to the hotel.  Beautiful.  Welcome almond milk drink.  Taken to the lovely room and showed around by desk clerk.   Went down and had dinner in the restaurant.  Nan had grilled veggies and I started with scallops and asparagus.   Finished with manicotti style pasta with a provolone cheese sause and sliced black truffles.   Had a crème brule with berrys for desert.  Remembered to set the clocks ahead 1 hour as Europe does it tonight.  That means we’ve done it twice this spring. Once in the US and once here.