Day 2 Milano (March 20, 2015)

This was our second day in Milano.   We did the TickItaly walking tour/viewing of the Last Supper.  Met the guide at 11:15.  Got the earpiece radio and started out with a trip to a church we walked by a few times and never noticed.  Santa Maria Presso San Satiro   Walked several other churches and got lots of history and back stories on Leonardo and Milan’s politics.    Background to the painting of the Last Supper and it’s restoration.   Secco painting and how it doesn’t last verses fresco.    Was about 2 ½ hours overall.   Finished at Last Supper.  Took a walk back and stopped a few places including a café/bakery.   Decided to go back to Nabucco for dinner again and made reservations.    Had another lovely meal.   Ravioli combination for me and tagliatelli funghi for Nan.  Canoli for desert.  Walked back to the hotel via the Dumo and took a few night pictures on our phones.

Santa Maria Presso San Satiro