Italy 2005

Here are the photos from our 2005 trip to Italy.

In Tuscany we staged at Borgo di Colleoli

Borgo di Colleoli has formed part of Tuscany’s history for well over five centuries. The ‘Castle of Colleoli’ was one of the largest manors in the region when it was bought in 1494 by the eminent Aristocratic Agostini Venerosi Della Seta family. Their family crest, which dates from this time, can still be seen today above the entrance.

It was fashionable in medieval times for the gentlemen of Pisa to buy holiday villas in the hills as a summer retreat. However, Borgo di Colleoli was a working farm producing olive oil, grapes for wine production and crops until the 18th century. At this time its use shifted to more exclusively recreational purposes and so architectural modifications were initiated to improve the quality of life and interior aesthetics.

Several refurbishments were undertaken to the site and buildings in the 18th and 19th centuries with the intention to create a site of ‘simple, harmonious beauty.’ The current restoration, undertaken by local craftsmen and artisans, aims to create this vision for Borgo to Colleoli once again.

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