France 2016 – Arles/Avignon

Didn’t sleep well last night.   Nodded early and then was up pretty much all night.  Ship left Avignon at around 4am.   Finally fell asleep and woke up at 7:50am.  Went down for the full breakfast in the restaurant.  Sat with the Playa Vista couple that we met last night (Don & ? )   Nice breakfast.   Finished about 8:50a after the “announcement” for the muster for the morning tour.  Decided that we weren’t up for the “Included” tour that left at 9a.   Hung in the room.  Nan showered.  I left an extension cord at the desk to try to have the engineers cut the polarized prong.   (Should have brought ground lifter)  Bathroom has a 110/220 outlet but the 110v is non-polarized.   Can’t use it for Waterpik.   Viking staff got the edge filed down and I was able to use it.    Did the Torascana castle during he morning.  Then lunch on board and took the 2pm shuttle to Arles in the afternoon. Wandered and shopped until 4:45p and then walked back to the bus.   Got there early (Nan was pissed, could have shopped more!) and shuttled back to the boat.   Had the greeting at 6:30p and briefing at 6:45.   Had dinner with Duli and Marlene (San Diego girls) as we went through the lock on the way back to Avignon.  Pulled in around 10p.  Nan and I did a walk on the track on the top deck, then crashed for the night.   Still up and down.  Not sleeping too well.