France 2016 – Arrival

We’ll we made it through the travel day/night.    Picked up by Gary (one of Tommy Richards at Paragon’s Owner/Op) and dropped at LAX by 1:30p for the 3:30p flight.   A bit iffy at check in.   Too many people at First & club world.   Got up to the One World lounge and got Nan some tea, as she still isn’t feeling well.  Boarded the A340 to LHR and were in the same seats as the Italy last time.  Pleasant flight and crew.   The seats make for a nice mini-suite and Nan did sleep for a bit on the way, although she is still quite sick.   Landed at LHR and had the usual shuffle only this time it included the tram ride and then a bus over to terminal 3 to clear security.   Went to the OneWorld lounge.  Decent shopping in that terminal.   Boarded the A320 single class Marsailles.   They don’t sell the middle seat and call it business class.   Landed and was met by Viking Rep.  Us and 20 other people boarded the bus for a 17 minute bus ride to the Avignon landing to board the boat.   Got there at 6:00 pm, just as they were doing the safety briefing so we had to wait for the crew to finish before we could board.   Everyone is very personable and friendly on board.  Went to the briefing in the lounge about the ship in general and the day ahead.   Back to the room and settled and then off to dinner.   Joined another couple and 2 ladies.   Ladies Duli and her friend from San Diego and Older Asian man and his wife from Playa Vista.    Called it a night after dinner.